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2012-02-11 Young men try new tricks to attract girls
Published: Feb 11, 2012 02:24 Updated: Feb 11, 2012 02:24

JEDDAH: Some young Saudi men have started using various tricks to attract girls. These methods include decorating their cars and painting them with strange colors using funny illustrations and drawings.

They write their e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and Blackberry pin codes on their cars in order for girls to communicate with them. Through the revelation of the pin code, many young Saudis add male and female friends both from Saudi Arabia and abroad to their accounts.

Some girls are not impressed and consider them weird and absurd. They may even be suffering from inferiority complex which they try to cover by such acts, a young Saudi girl said. She did not want her name to be published.

Speaking to Arab News, Abdullah O., 23, said he always wanted to be distinguished from others. For this reason I always change the color of my car, put pictures and drawings on it and insert my pin code so as to get contacts from boys and girls through the chatting field, he said. He said he is happy to add male friends but the sole reason that made him show his pin code was to communicate with girls.
Jaber, another Saudi aged 20, believes that putting your phone number on your car is the easiest and most guaranteed method of attracting girls. He said he would write his mobile number and Blackberry pin code after hanging a plate that the car was for sale. By this method no one will doubt my intentions. I will receive calls from interested buyers but the most important thing is that interested girls will also call, he said.

Saleh, 24, said these were the very reasons that prompted him to paint his car in strange colors and write the pin code on his car. Many girls called me and expressed their admiration for my car. I was able to add many girl friends to my Blackberry contacts, he said.

Many girls who spoke to Arab News did not find the strange colors of the cars or the pin codes on them interesting or attractive. They believe that men who do this are uncouth and unimportant.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a pin code on a car is that this young man is a wolf and has no manners, said Ramaz Sulaiman, 19. She said men usually become attractive through their integrity and straightforward personalities not by their looks or the pin codes on their cars. If the man is sure of himself, he will not resort to these cheap methods to attract our attention, she said. Sulaiman was sure that these types of young men were weak, absurd and boring.

Kholoud, 22, fully agrees with her. Young men who do this have no other qualifications to enable him to get acquainted with girls. If a man has a strong personality and good looks, he would never use such weird methods to lure girls, she said.

2012 Arab News
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