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2012-03-13 Hafiz beneficiaries cant refuse jobs
Published: Mar 13, 2012 00:22 Updated: Mar 13, 2012 00:22

Saudi men and women who are beneficiaries of the SR2,000 monthly subsidy paid to them under the Hafiz program will be taken off the program if they refuse to take the jobs offered to them after the first year of the program, local Arabic daily Al-Madinah reported yesterday. It quoted Ibrahim Al-Miakil, director general of the Human Resources Development Fund, for its report.

The Hafiz program does not differentiate between unemployed men and women. All eligible Saudis will benefit from the programs subsidies, he said, warning that any beneficiary will be cut off from the program if he or she refuses to take up jobs offered to him or her. Under arrangements with the ministries of Labor and Finance, the fund pays the monthly assistance to unemployed Saudis. Payments started late November.
Al-Miakil said the fund had no problem paying the subsidies and explained that the Ministry of Finance would cover for shortages in the funds. During the past three months the fund paid close to SR4 billion to the unemployed within the Hafiz program, he said.

The director expected the program to pay between SR20 billion to SR30 billion to the unemployed in its first year and said during the first three months the beneficiaries rose from 500,000 to about 800,000. The number of beneficiaries is expected to exceed one million soon, he added. Al-Miakil said about 1.5 million Saudi women applied for jobs through Hafiz program against half a million men.

2012 Arab News
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