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2012-03-21 2 Responses on Womens equal rights
Published: Mar 21, 2012

PINCH Mar 21, 2012 12:05 Dr. Alnowaiser your column is very well written and as a woman thank you…

AYMEN Mar 21, 2012 12:07 Very well written, and since Muslim world is considered Ummah, Saudi society has a much larger role to play as the whole Muslim world looks up to them for creating a true, just and balanced Muslim society. A non Muslim society can thrive and survive very well provided they follow the laws of justice, but an unjust society cannot survive. And Saudis are being unjust to their women and Quran has the most severest admonishments for the UNJUST. Men are incurring double sins if they take wrong decisions on behalf of their womenfolk in the name of religion. Allah would have made cows like companions for men if the only purpose of women was procreation. If Allah entrusted women to give birth to both men and women and bringing them up that tells us more than the narrow minded interpretation of Quranic verses. A woman has a nobler purpose than man. And if the purpose was only procreation what is the use for ones who cannot. A balanced and just society is one that has room for ALL its members-young, old, handicapped,challenged, whether they are men or women- to lead a productive life.

SYED Mar 21, 2012 12:07 Salute to boldness of author in openly making a point of selfish motives of certain members of society by halting growth and prosperity of women. These people who are trying to suppress women in name of Islam are todays Shataan.

SAUDI MOTHER Mar 21, 2012 12:10 I also want to complain that our children are not given Saudi nationality when we marry non Saudi men. We suffer a lot and some of us are divorced and widowed and our children are at the risk of deportation. Some of us keep our children as house drivers and house maids so they can stay. Where would we go? All our children were born here. They are my children and I am Saudi, why my children treated as non Saudi. I am very thankful to our beloved king for his all goodness and I request help for my children. I am a widow. My husband was born here and died here in Saudi Arabia, but he was not Saudi.

SAMIULLAH KHAN Mar 21, 2012 12:12 Nice article. In my opinion it isnt the issue only in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and a lot other Muslim countries have problems with their female citizens but may be nature is some how different from Saudi Arabia. I think its the responsibility of KSA to start dialogue for the women rights in Kingdom as well as in Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia is the center for every Muslim so its the responsibility of Kingdom to come forward and develop a committee comprising of a religious scholar from every Muslim country and also from every sect so that they should make some changes. For Saudi society, its the responsibility of the religious scholars to draw the lines for the women. Quran and Hadeeth has given women rights and now its the duty of these scholars to decide that what will be for the betterment of women in Saudi society.

ROUF KHAN Mar 21, 2012 12:13 I am really surprised why you people are much concerned about the women rights in Saudi Arabia, although it is the only place on land where she is respected and enjoying her legitimate rights. Why are people like you fueling the fitnah in this peacful land of ours. Why do you write just for the sake for writing? Look at the ground reallity. Instead of asking CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC , ask the Saudi Women itself about her plea.

RON IN AUSTRALIA Mar 21, 2012 12:14 Well Dr Khalid, I have read many posts from various contributors including myself saying exactly the same thing. And on each occasion we get shouted down because we dare to speak up, about the abysmal way women in some Muslim countries are treated. whilst you are on the subject of the what the Quran says, how can you explain to rational thinking people that the Quran treats women fairly when the Quran has these verses, Quran 4.11, Quran 2.282, Quran 2.228. Please explain the meaning of these verses rather than quote those verses here I challenge any Muslim to tell me what they mean and explain why a women is treated this way.

ILLAWARRIOR Mar 21, 2012 12:15 Good article. The concept of a woman having to have a male guardian is so wrong, and denies her any self determination. In Saudi, so much of the oppression is done in the name of religion, when in fact there is no religious basis for it at all. Islam requires a woman to dress modestly, beyond this, each country seems to impose its own interpretation of what that means. In Saudi it means an abaya and niquab, whilst elsewhere it might mean a simple headscarf. There is nothing in Islam to prevent a woman from driving, and women drive in other Islamic countries, without issue. It will be a long and difficult battle for Saudi women to gain some basic rights, but, because the internet has opened up the rest of the world for them, it will eventually happen.

ANA Mar 21, 2012 12:16 Dear writer you wrote a good article, but you miss a very important point here which is creating a humanitarian crises in the lives of Saudi women, the Saudi women cannot transfer her Saudi nationality to her children in case if her husband is non Saudi. After the death of husband the children will be deported to a strange country and the women is left alone. Why is she suffering? How can a family be separated and destroyed for one nationality? This is a huge problem in these families. If the children are grown ups then they have to find a kafil in order to live in there own mother country where they are born and raised and there mother is citizen of that country. Then they are under constant threat to be send on final exit by there sponsors. These sponsors also miss use them as they know that these people have no where to go and are helpless. How is it make sense? How is it that a person when came to Saudi Arabia just yesterday and a person who is born in Saudi women and in Saudi Arabia are treated with no difference?

KHURSHID Mar 21, 2012 14:56 As per my little knowledge, I know there is no equal right for man and woman in Muslim society and where in the holy Quran Allah swt says man and woman are equal?If equality mean we should be like Americans and European then I have nothing to say.But we must remember that Allah swt gave power to men over women and give warning not to abuse it. Muslim woman can be safe and secure under the guardianship of her father, brother , husband and son. If any one try to see the real situation in the Europe and America how woman are abused then they will be great full to our Monarch and who are running the country. I also dont like force , because by force you only can achieve hate rather than respect.
JOHN MERRY Mar 21, 2012 15:12 Very very well done. I congratulate you SIR. I challenge all Saudis to stand up and be counted and ensure that the discrimination against women is ended. Look yourself in the mirror each day and ask yourself what did I do today to ensure women have equal rights in all respects. Nothing? Shame on you. Only by each one of us doing the little bit that we can will we change the situation. Let us do it. Thank you.

JOHN XEFOS Mar 21, 2012 15:27 The topic, and the views expressed, are well worth raising and reiterating. This is a very thoughtful piece that highlights the importance of the issues, and the fact that closing the gender gap is in the interest of all Saudis, men and women. But men need to take action men supporting their daughters, their nieces and their wives can give great impetus to the efforts of King Abdallah and others in the government to close the gender gap. Today, Saudi Arabia ranks 131st out of 135 countries in the WEFs Global Gender Gap Report. Malaysia and Indonesia are well ahead. It is a very narrow and rigid construction of religious texts, combined with an acceptance of certain customs and traditions taking on the force of law, that has led to this unfortunate situation that sidelines half of the population. Gender equality is not inconsistent with Islam it never has been.

MIGUEL Mar 22, 2012 14:50 dear Mr Alnowaiser why are you writing this article in a newspaper that is mostly read by expatriates? do you really think we dont know? this article is totally misdirected here. it is absolutely pointless to publish it in Arab news. you should tell TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE and not to us WE KNOW IT regards, miguel sanchez

SUE COON Mar 22, 2012 18:06 I was not aware of the issue regarding Saudi women married to non Saudi men. Their children should have legal standing in the country of their birth. I hope the Saudi people address this. I am very incouraged by Dr. Alnowaisers article.

JHK Mar 22, 2012 18:16 the most beautiful creation of the almighty woman we are protecting her even away from the nature what else you need dear al-nowaiser…!!!!!!

TENDERHEART Mar 22, 2012 18:16 An excellent article. I will begin praying for this intention immediately. I invite all women to join me. God should be the first one to hear about this. Trust God to answer these prayers in His time. Sometimes, He makes us wait on things in order to increase our faith. I send my kiss of peace to all my sisters in love… God bless HRH King Abdullah. May Gods favor increase on your King with each passing second so that he may better serve those under his care, and continue to sow seeds of tolerance in the hearts of men, women, and children, while working for Gods glory more than ever.

PEPPER CAMPBELL Mar 22, 2012 19:27 I appreciate your desire to further womens rights, but I disagree with the following statement: We must acknowledge that Saudi women do not have the political power to remedy this inequality on their own. Only Saudi men can do so. Change does not come from sitting around and waiting for someone to fix things for you. If the women in Saudi Arabia want change theyre going to have to start standing up for themselves and fighting for what they deserve. Its exactly the attitude of the statement above that has forced women into this role of subservient submission. If you continuously tell yourself you cant do something without a mans help, you will never prove yourself to be deserving of equal rights. Stand up and fight, Ladies! You have my support and prayers always!

SULEMAN VARVANI Mar 22, 2012 19:27 I here Saudi Arabia intends to send women athletes to the London games so, we will hence forth see our sisters(in Islam) displaying their sporting talents and more… to the whole world…. are these the equal rights the writer is talking about, or advocating for? The Quran and Sunnah govern Islam and Islamic culture and traditions… Human rights(for men, women and children) are indeed a divine decree trough the book and his messenger(may peace and blessings be upon him)… The west are in no way a bench mark for human rights… they have proven that and continue to do so .. loud and clear. Does Equal rights… , necessarily mean, EQUAL in all senses of the word? No is the answer… otherwise, we would have football and cricket teams having men and women in one team( Just an example)…

SAMAR Mar 23, 2012 03:51 Can they have equitable if not equal rights for now?freedom of being able to commute comes before other freedoms ,it is mother of all freedoms as that allows u to hold jobs,go to courts,banks,keep your children safe by driving them to school yourself in time of need etc,etc,etc. in a country where distances are vast and cars only way of commuting who will bell the cat if men in power wont ? How can a woman sit with a stranger but cant drive , what about women who dont have a male close relative , what should families who dont have male children do ?or who have an old or disabled male relative ? Immigrate ?! This is happening while everyone is complaining having too many people from other counties why not save resources and bring in much needed labor or skilled labor in other fields. Why cant we start with rules like allowing women above certain age only ,not allowing driving between cities (for safety & guardian) but do people in power have the guts to take this decision inspite of pressures to the contrary

ILLAWARRIOR Mar 23, 2012 03:56 there was a wonderful line in the movie A Big Fat Greek Wedding… where the daughter is worried because her father does not appprove of her boyfriend. She expresses despair to her mother … what can I do … father is the head of the family???? The reply was brilliant .. it said … the man might be the head …BUT … the woman is the neck… and the neck can turn the head, any way she wants!!

ANEES LOKHANDE Mar 23, 2012 01:50 This refers to the article, Saudi women urgently need equal rights (March 21) by Dr. Khalid Al-Nowaiser. The writer has depicted some aspects positively, but most of the arguments have been put in a wrong way. No doubt, women are our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and others, and Islam has given all of them rights and positions that cannot be found in other religions. The author says, there are always men who want to control womens rights in the name of religion or otherwise. I think, this statement does not carry any weight, and rather runs contrary to the Islamic spirit. The Holy Quran says, Save yourself and your household from the hell fire. In this perspective, if male being the head of the house says to his family to offer prayers or do good things, do not smoke, or do not go bare head outside, it does not mean male head is controlling his household women. Vice versa, women also can say to his male counterpart to sport beard, do not drink wine etc. My point is on both sides good aspects can be exchanged.

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